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How the Universe Began According to Scripture

How the Universe Began According to Scripture

by Helmut Eder

In part 1 a brief summary of the scientific account of the origin of the universe was presented. Part 2 deals with the same topic with some extra detail. In part 3 will look at scripture, particularly the Quran, what its views are on this fascinating subject. The author is not in the business of converting people or promoting the Quran. Truth is pushed whatever its source. The Quran is the culmination of revelation through the ages and contains the same fundamental truths conveyed to the earlier religious messengers. In this understanding when an advanced scientific statement is quoted from the Quran, a similar statement should be traceable to the original record of earlier Prophets. Far from outmoded superstition which is how religious critics often view scripture, the reader will be astounded by the numerous ultra-modern scientific concepts expressed in the ancient text. The deep question arises, how is it possible that a seventh century individual could venture into the intricacies of modern cosmology, astronomy, evolutionary biology, embryology, genetics etc. and described key concepts with a 100% accuracy? The answer to this question is for the reader to decide.

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