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Solar Panel For Home

Solar Panel For Home

by Helmut Eder

When researching which solar panel for home a person might use in a DIY situation, paying attention to the parts of the solar cell is imperative. A photovoltaic cell, also called a solar cell, is the main component that generates electricity in a solar panel. Photovoltaic is a term that relates to the production of electric current at the junction of two silicon semiconductors that are exposed to light (not necessarily sunlight) and it comes from the word “photo” meaning light and “voltaic” meaning electricity. When grouped together they form a solar module which can then be fitted into a frame to make a solar panel. The solar cells found in some calculators, in satellites, and even in Mars rovers are also called photovoltaic cells or panels. Any light that strikes a solar cell can cause a reaction inside it creating electricity. The most efficient light source would be the sun.

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