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The Shame of the Nation: A Summary, and Analysis

The Shame of the Nation: A Summary, and Analysis

by Helmut Eder

The Shame of the Nation is an expository book written by a children’s advocate and educational activist – Jonathan Kozol. It questions the return of segregation in public urban schools 15 years after the federal courts began dismantling the landmark ruling in Brown v. Board of Education. It exposes the inequities that exist among schools in the distribution of resources. It expresses concern about the “adaptive strategy” military-like behavioral control that was traditionally used in prisons which is now targeted exclusively at black and Hispanic children, including the infusion of managerial teams and corporate brands in urban schools. It challenges the robotic pedagogy that has been established in the school administration, with its direct command and control that foster rote learning for “high stake testing” and deprived creativity. The book paid tribute to the students, teachers, trusted black leaders, and educators who have endured the times.

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